Our ITF Tournaments in 2019...

...will be 2 in total, 10-15/6 in Academia Sanchez-Casal and 9-14/9 Memorial Jaume Selga Valldoreix, all in Barcelona and closest neighbourhood. Much welcome!

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Improve your tennis in 3 days... is possible to achieve something in only three days with our concept. Book a trip to Barcelona for 3 days in this wonderful city and try!

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Wish to practice tennis in Barcelona?...

...TenisSenior is here to attend you. We have the courts, the coaches and the accommodation. Let us offer you a tennis travel package.

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Much welcome to the web

We organize 2 grade 2 tournaments during 2019. The first is in Academia Sanchez-Casal 10-15/6- see information here.

The second is a Memorial Jaume Selga Valldoreix in Club Esportiu Valldoreix just outside Barcelona 9-14/9 - see information here.

If you want to participate you have to have an IPIN (if you dont have please contact us and we will help you) and you have to enter on this ITF Senior page to register. The registrations closes 27th August and as the organizer can not give wildcards it is important that you register yourself on the web. If you dont know how to register, or for any other questions, you can call us at +34610207797 or send an email to:

We also organize training tennis trips to Barcelona. You can stay in hotel or apartaments in Barcelona, Casteldefels, Sitges and practice on clay courts. It doesn't matter if you are alone or a group, we arrange everything. More info...

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Our ITF tournaments during 2019
ITF Sanchez-Casal TenisSenior
VMemorial Jaume Selga Valldoreix

Get to know and improve your tennis in 3 days with TennisSenior

We would like to promote our new product "Improve your tennis in 3 days". A concept where we help you to find your errors in your tennis by classes on court, video recording and analysis together. More info here



Analyse your Tennis with us - without being in Barcelona

By Digital Analysis we can help you to improve your tennis. Have a look at this video and read more here.


Swede Suzanne visited Tennis Senior

We had Swedish Suzanne playing for 2 weeks in January: "The tennis was very good. I would have loved to have an hour tennis with the guys here at home, should have taken one of them with me home. I will tell all my tennis friends about TenisSenior and maybe next time I can convince a couple of friends to join me", Suzanne writes after coming back home to Sweden.