Our ITF Tournaments in 2019...

...will be 2 in total, 10-15/6 in Academia Sanchez-Casal and 9-14/9 Memorial Jaume Selga Valldoreix, all in Barcelona and closest neighbourhood. Much welcome!

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Improve your tennis in 3 days... is possible to achieve something in only three days with our concept. Book a trip to Barcelona for 3 days in this wonderful city and try!

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Wish to practice tennis in Barcelona?...

...TenisSenior is here to attend you. We have the courts, the coaches and the accommodation. Let us offer you a tennis travel package.

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We organize national and international interclubs

The idea is to organize a long weekend or a week filled with tennis and friendship. An Interclub can for example be a social tournament of 1-2 days (individuals and doubles, like for example "David Cup") with lunch and dinner together. You play a lot of tennis and at the same time you get to know new people, different language and different culture.

Not long time ago we organized a interclub between players of the Real Club de Polo and USAP Perpignan in the Real Club de Polo, Barcelona. In total 20 players where having a lot of fun, although the inviting club had to accept to loose. Thanks Pedro Borras and Francis Taltas for your help.


Pedro Borras: "This happening between our two clubs, united by great history as tennis clubs, has for all of us been a reason for joy, satisfaction to be able to join such a great group of people loving the sport TENNIS."


If you wish to invite another club: We find the club and we help you to organize the event.

If you wish to travel to another club: We find the club and we help you to organize the travel.

If you are interested to know more, please send us an email.