Our ITF Tournaments in 2019...

...will be 2 in total, 10-15/6 in Academia Sanchez-Casal and 9-14/9 Memorial Jaume Selga Valldoreix, all in Barcelona and closest neighbourhood. Much welcome!

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Improve your tennis in 3 days... is possible to achieve something in only three days with our concept. Book a trip to Barcelona for 3 days in this wonderful city and try!

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Wish to practice tennis in Barcelona?...

...TenisSenior is here to attend you. We have the courts, the coaches and the accommodation. Let us offer you a tennis travel package.

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Who we are


We are a small team with affection, experience and active, daily contact with the tennis. We have found that in the senior world of tennis there are a great amount of players and a lot of love for the sport. We have received a lot of positive feedback after creating in Catalonia. We have received proof that there is a need of communication for the players in order to receive information about tennis tournaments, activities. We have also seen that if you organize something, the players respond and support you. Like this, the web was born.

We help the senior player to find tournament and activities related to tennis

We help clubs and tournament organizers to reach the players and achieve more inscriptions

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