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Our ITF Tournaments in 2019...

...will be 2 in total, 10-15/6 in Academia Sanchez-Casal and 9-14/9 Memorial Jaume Selga Valldoreix, all in Barcelona and closest neighbourhood. Much welcome!

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Improve your tennis in 3 days... is possible to achieve something in only three days with our concept. Book a trip to Barcelona for 3 days in this wonderful city and try!

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Wish to practice tennis in Barcelona?...

...TenisSenior is here to attend you. We have the courts, the coaches and the accommodation. Let us offer you a tennis travel package.

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For Companies: TEAM BUILDING

TEAM BUILDING - Put a sport psychologist in your business company

"How come put to work a sport psychologist in my company? My company has nothing to do with the world of sports and even if so, I don't see how!"

This for sure is what you think when you read this. But we will make you change your mind. We will make you see that with sport (and in this case tennis) your company and employees can improve the motivation, concentration and performance.

In collaboration with Joan Ribas, sport psychologist and TenisSenior collaborator, we organize activities for your employees within the concept "Team Building". We prepare the activities according to the needs of your company, how many persons you are and how much time you wish to do the activity.

"The motivation, the concentration, the appropriate management of the emotions and the confidence, make that we can perform at the maximum of our capacity and it will make it easier for us to find the way to achieve our goals (in sports, business or personal life). These four abitities must be strong and balanced, neither one them can fail because then we don't perform like we should do and then we won't achieve the proposed goals. And as we are not always going to be stable, it is necessary to train them", says Joan Ribas.

"Please note that we are talking about to principal functions that the sport psicology can give our organizations or companies. The first is to practice (like as you were elit sportsman) and the second is to prepare yourself to manage your team or group the best possible way you can, knowing that they are formed by persons and that each one of them are different."

Many sport coaches apply business concepts and methods in its teams, achieving great results. Why not the tecnics and strategy from the world of sports to the business company and also assure us big results?

Contact us by sending us an email or call us (see phone numbers below) and explain what you wish to achieve with a tennis activity.

Read article of our collaborator Joan Ribas, Optimal Coaching Bcn (only Spanish)

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